I’m leaving Canada Wednesday May 25th, heading to back Zambia. After lots of talk and lots of opportunity, I’m really excited to take on a placement aimed at supporting the growth of Small and/or Medium Enterprise (SME) for economic development, jobs and poverty reduction.

I put this diagram together simply to satisfy my desire to map things out with venn diagrams.

On paper I’ll no longer be part of the Agriculture Value Chains Team and will be joining the Business Development Services team. That said, the SME I’ll be working with is selling agricultural inputs which is strategically the same area of focus as my previous project in Zambia. I’m excited to be working with AVC people again, while exploring EWB’s ability to support African SME’s :)

That said, I’m pretty excited to take on this project and the potential it has for development and to get back on the ground.

I’ll include more details after the whirlwind of gathering my things and getting up to speed on the placement.

But for now, you can read more about the Business Development Services Team at this link:

Business Development Services Description